For your princess

In my constant search for the perfect baptism* dress for Arabella I came across this beauty.  It’s silk, hand smocked by Isabelle Garreton (who makes the most drool-worthy dresses.  Look at that smocking!), size 12 (new with tags) and it’s for sale on ebay for $9.99.  Yes, you read that right.  I almost passed out when I saw it, it’s so gorgeous.  When I showed it to Arabella, she sighed. “Sorry Mom, I just don’t like old-fashioned things like you do.”   The horror!  How could she not like old-fashioned things?  Did she not spring from my womb?

Anyway, I just had to post this because somebody must have a daughter who would like this. It’s such an amazing deal. ($6.00 for shipping.) There are a bunch of detailed pictures of the dress here. (The auction ends on June 14 at 2:56 pm Pacific time)

Maybe I’ll get it and make Arabella wear it anyway. It wouldn’t be the first time.

*Mormon kids don’t get baptized until they are eight years old and able to choose right from wrong. Before that all kids are considered sinless. (There being a difference between sinning and being super naughty.)

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19 thoughts on “For your princess

  1. What is smocking?

    Is that one of those clever words you get when you combine two words together…like sarcastic mocking?

  2. *Sorry, distracted and laughing at tiburton's post*
    It is lovely and I think one of my daughters would like it but the other would say the same as Arabella; she is also the same age…what can we do? Love your blog. xx

  3. Love that, it's beautiful. I'd get it, at 8 she doesn't really know what she likes anyways, right?!

  4. I've done some hand-smocking, and it's very time-intensive. For the seller's sake I hope the auction goes up a lot higher. I'll bet it might. Did you look at any of her completed auctions? I'll have to go see 'cause I'm curious.

    I wish I knew whether Mabel will still like old-fashioned things when she's an age where this would fit her. A lot of my smocking friends stop being able to make things for their daughters right around this age because of the old-fashioned issue.

  5. Oh! That is cute. And my daugther would probably agree to wear it. But then I would put it on her and she would cry and tell me it bothered her or it itched or was pokey.


  6. O.K., I went and looked and I see that it's second-hand and not made by the seller. Mabel also LOVES it and has promised me that she still will love it when she grows into it. I guess it's worth taking a chance on.

  7. wow! that is absolutely beautiful. unfortunately, my girls wouldn't wear it either. they are into more MODERN attire!

  8. I think it's so cheap because there are very few 8 year olds willing to wear it. I was wondering if any of your kids would ever start to rebel against your clothing preferences…
    Yes, it is gorgeous. Olivia at 5 has a dress with smocking she hates to wear as well. She likes all the glittery, screen printed "dresses" she sees at Target. *sigh*

  9. P.S.
    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don't do what my mother did to me. She found an ADORABLE Christmas dress with smocking and a white bodice apron (a la Little house on the Prairie) and insisted I wear it to our Christmas concert. Being the dutiful daughter I was I did.
    I was in SEVENTH GRADE.
    I. Got. Crucified.
    Really, you're just going to have to let go at some point, and I say sooner is better than later…

  10. That is really darling. I make Gwen wear what I want her to, but by lunch time she is usually stripped down to just panties. I can't win.

    Maybe that comment about letting go early was just for me.

  11. I love it too!! And did I just read that Tiburon doesn't know what smocking is? Horror of horrors!

    Its beautiful.

  12. OK, Jennie, if I am going to tour Portland at the last moment tomorrow looking for Lace for the dress Bella WILL wear, you have to show me whatever picture, pattern, sketch, finished dress (except for the lace) you already have. Nicki will take photos to send to you. Then she will buy and send the lace to either me or you, depending on who is going to end up making this thing.


    The dress on ebay is GORGEOUS! Exactly what "modern" kind of dress does Bella want? skin-tight evening formal? Something with Tinkerbell? What are we talking here?


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