First of all, I’m all better.  I have a bit of cough left but the mucus overload is tapering off, thank goodness.

Secondly, I just can’t get over how much of a procrastinator I am.  I don’t like planning ahead and I don’t like doing unpleasant things.  I really don’t know how people force themselves to do unpleasant things before fun things.  It’s just not in my blood. My mother always forced me to do my chores before I could play and all that sort of thing, but the life lesson just didn’t take. 

What about you?  Are you good at getting things done and being on time?  Or is your notion of planning a little more fluid?

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  1. I am always on top of things. Early for appointments, and always planning ahead. It drives people crazy! I have started planning our Christmas party, and how the trees will be decorated. I like to get things out of the way, and not be running around at the last minute. Although we take vacations with a destination in mind, but no solid plans or reservations. We can make stops along the way, and we get there at our own pace.

  2. i am a little bit of both…i love to be on time but i hate to have schedules!! maybe that makes me just a little bit crazy 🙂

  3. I have alway been a procrastinator. And I used to be really good at it. But now I have a husband and kids that like to ruin my planned procrastination!

  4. I am not naturally organized. However, I really, really, dislike how being disorganized makes me feel. I love, love, love, organized things. (schedules, menus, closets, etc.) What I lack is discipline. What I love is the superiority I feel when I DO have something done far in advance! (terrible, I know, but it doesn't happen often)

    I have found that when I DO discipline myself, I have no regrets. But it is very hard to do. It is a constant battle with myself, but I am always very happy when I, as Pres. Kimball (or Nike) says, "JUST DO IT"

    So I'd say I'm somewhere in the middle. It is important to note I think, that last minute things don't necessarily stress me out. If my house is a mess, and I have company coming for dinner, I don't cancel, I just move faster. That would cause some people I know to stroke out. It' s usually my MO. I know I can get it done, so I'm ok.

    My neighbor spent a month planning a birthday party for her daughter, I spent an hour. But I do freak out if my Christmas shopping isn't finished by Thanksgiving. I HATE Christmas shopping under pressure.

  5. I AM very good at straightening DAILY the very large pile of papers that I am procrastinating.
    It makes me feel, somehow, that by touching the pile I recognize that it's still there waiting. Some things have been in that pile for an embarrassingly LONG time.

  6. I hate shopping, in particular Christmas shopping, so I'm not a procrastinator when it comes to that.

    When it comes to cooking, my crisper is full of the corpses of my best intentions, and my boys are used to weird looking vegies turning up in unusual meals.

    I don't procrastinate dessert – that is vital, non-negotiable.

  7. I prefer to be a non-procrastinator because I hate the stress that being late and not getting things done causes me. It's way worse than just doing it. But sometimes I still don't get to things. Particularly non-important things, like scrubbing the mold off the top of my bathroom wall, which will require me to fetch a ladder AND carry it inside. Not likely to happen any time soon.

  8. I used to be really anal and on top of things, my fourth child and some great meds cured me of that. I usually like to let people I "serve" with at Church that I may be a BIG disappointment to them, so let's get that out of the way right up front!

    How can anyone who bottles and labels their own skin care line think they aren't productive?

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