Toddler talk

One of the best things about toddlers is their weak grasp of the English language.  It makes for some good laughs. This morning for example:

Me: “Jasper, your pajamas are soaked! What happened?”
Jasper: “My penis spilled.”
I guess that’s a new way of looking at it.
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10 thoughts on “Toddler talk

  1. Oh Jasper, you are a clever little guy. I think that it is funny that it doesn’t ever seem to be the child’s fault, it was the body part or the sibling. Gwen says the hands did it all the time. Well who’s hands are they?

    This is one of the reasons you love and don’t love having kids. The speech may be really funny, but you are still left with the pajamas that are sopping wet and smell like pee.

  2. Not WEAK in the English language, just ABSOLUTELY LITERAL!

    Is Jasper hypothetically potty trained now?

    He is SO cute! Love that photo you sent!

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