Ok, OK, here is the family room

I realized after I finished my exercises in the Slipcover book (see this post earlier today) that the things I like best are lots and lots of pattern all mixed together, as well as bright pastel colors.  If something is plain and simple I usually don’t like it. After I did my last post about decorating my family room, it’s weird that I didn’t include photos (thanks for the complaining emails everyone!) Here they are:

Here is the sofa I knew in the Pre-existence. I was instantly smitten with it. It is such a nice change from all the gender-neutral furniture we’ve had our entire married life.  And as I like to remind Mister, a happy wife is a happy life.  After being married for (almost) 17 years he knows to pick his battles.

The accessories are all things that I really, really love.

(Notice the beehive box and the bird’s nest picture?  I’ve got a theme here, can’t you tell?)

The candlesticks are clear since there is a lot already happening in the room.  But they’re still busy in their own way.  And I like busy.

I found this brilliant mosaic on etsy.

The blue in this room was really hard to create.  I wanted a warm blue (if it can be called that), that didn’t look like a little boy’s room.  So if you’re in the market for a lovely blue color (it’s actually greyer than it looks in most of these pictures), here’s the recipe.

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18 thoughts on “Ok, OK, here is the family room

  1. Love the sofa! Isn’t it funny how we knew our home furnishings in the pre-existance? Some things were just meant to be.

  2. This room is so pretty and inviting! I love the colors and patterns. Thank you for posting pictures! Have a good day.

  3. Wow. What a perfectly kept house… It looks lovely.
    I think you need to paint your kitchen so it ties in. I think you should carry over the pink. Then you could get pink counter appliances to match!

  4. I’m eventually going to put blue and green striped wallpaper in the kitchen. I already did the worst part: putting joint compound on all the walls to smooth out the rough texture. Now I just need to save up some wallpaper $$$.

  5. I also need a coffee table and a floor rug for when we get the wood floor in. That’s a lot of stuff I need still. Sigh.

  6. Wow! I’m so jealous! You are so talented! I wish I could make cute stuff like that for my house!! Not fair!!

  7. So pretty, so comfortable, so friendly!

    I like to change my colors four times a year—I think that I have mentioned it—-it makes ME happy and I am the one that has to be there the most…

  8. You know I can’t deal with that much pattern, but I absoluetly love the color scheme. It is so happy and cheerful. It makes me feel happy just looking at it. I’m really ready for a color scheme change.

  9. My dear, I ESPECIALLY love the valances, the green and plaid chair, and your second sofa with the green bottom that matches the chair. As Nicki said above, how TALENTED you are!

    It looks utterly gorgeous! (It must be the babies’ day off.)

    Why do I think I will be hanging wallpaper in April?

  10. LOVE the family room!!

    Could you come and decorate my house? I couldn’t decorate my way out of a wet paper bag.

  11. The room has an inviting and cozy warmth to it. I love the window treatment especially. You’ve done a great job, Jennie.

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