Losing things (besides my mind)

As I have mentioned before, I have a keen talent for losing things.  This week I have lost:

Isn’t this a cute earring?  I agree. Too bad I only have one now. (I just got them in December! Frustrating!)

How do you lose a big cake pan like this?  I can’t tell you how, only that it is indeed possible. The big bowl of egg whites in my fridge will end up down the drain, not in an angel food cake as originally planned. Hey wait!  Maybe I’ll make a Pavlova instead. That just occurred to me as I was typing. Those are great and are made with tons of egg whites. Ok, I don’t care so much about the lost tube pan anymore.  If I happened to have loaned it to you, though, will you please return it?

Missing: two of the finest paint colors that I have invented (don’t you like the way I say I have invented colors?  It makes me seem both artistic and all-powerful. You can read about the pain-staking, highly scientific process of paint-color-creation here) and the only recipe for them was printed on the lids of the paint cans themselves. These aren’t so much lost as disposed of by my husband. The ultimate irony is that Mister is a horrible packrat.  Not an OCD newspapers-stacked-to-the-ceiling kind of packrat.  Just an ordinary I-don’t-know-if-I-might-ever-need-this-again-and-I-can’t-make-that-sort-of-decision-right-now packrat.  Our garage is a testament to his love for every item he’s ever purchased.  So the one thing (OK, two things) that were really important to me, he threw out.  How will I touch up the family room walls now?  How will I paint over the patch next my shower where I replaced the towel rack? I gave Mister a good scolding about this, but I could tell, even though it was over the phone, that he was rolling his eyes.

P.S. I’m posting at Segullah today.  I’m not angling for a dinner invite, by the way.  Just getting something off my chest.

P.P.S. It also not entirely true because the Clowards invited us over for dessert a couple of weeks ago.  And we had Easter with the Callahans.  Although I was the one who set the whole thing up.

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4 thoughts on “Losing things (besides my mind)

  1. I will read your Segullah later. And I can totally relate about losing an earring. I set mine on my bedside table and later that day, one had run off. Nowhere to be found. I moved my bed and bedside table, examined the floor with a flashlight, and went through every drawer of my bedside table, and it is just gone. AND it was a replacement earring for one similar I had lost the pair to last year. I’m so peeved!

    But most importantly, I TAGGED YOU. Go to my blog to see.

  2. I can relate to Mister in a way. Before I married James I pretty much had a lot of random stuff that I was just not sure what to do about, or if I really wanted to get rid of, but then as soon as we were married the save nothing James came out and all of a sudden I was making pleas for pairs of shoes.

    Oh well. I guess that is what makes living with someone interesting.
    I also lose things all the time, ALL THE TIME!! Latest loss the camera from Christmas. And I too have lost pans and baking tools, although I am sure that I have lent them out and just never remembered to get them back.

  3. I always lose earrings! I end up taking them out at the end of the day and sometimes stick them in a pocket or on a table somewhere—then I can’t find them—-annoying.

  4. I thought I had lost a sleeper earring while wearing it yesterday, which was not boding well for my teeny tiny ears… but then I realised I got distracted between taking out my church earrings and only did one ear. Where’s my brain?

    Wow – you know and do pav’s?!? Are you a tranplanted Aussie? National food over here, with ganache chocolate through it, or fruit on top, or chocolate and mint flakes and whipped cream. YuM!

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