It’s all about the consequences

I mentioned earlier how I like to be showered and ready before my kids wake up.  This is not because I am disciplined (so laughable!) or have my life together.  It’s because showering while Ada and Jasper are up and about leads to nothing but trouble.  As I found out yesterday.  This is what I saw as I walked into the family room after getting ready yesterday morning.  Evidently the game cupboard had been ransacked:

If that wasn’t awful enough, the babies (they’re not really babies.  They are two and three.  But the children are divided into two parts: the big kids and the babies.  It will remain thusly for the rest of their lives) also came across my basket of mismatched socks.  Of course it has about 200 socks, all without a significant other.  What fun are socks in a basket?  They are somehow more entertaining strewn across the floor.

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5 thoughts on “It’s all about the consequences

  1. That is a lot of socks, why do you keep all of them if they have no mates? Oh I see so that you can play the pick up game with them. Clever.

    I do feel bad that you had to clean up all the game pieces and cards, that is never my idea of a good time, cleaning up the games, not playing them.

    So I suppose that you will not be taking the chance of showering later than 5:30 in the morning again, or anytime soon.

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