Ni hao!

Mister and I have some good friends* who are going to Hong Kong and China in June and invited us to come along. Actually, we invited ourselves to come along because it sounded fun and we have a ton of frequent flyer miles that are about to expire. So we were all set to make the reservation when we read the small print: “Must have a passport for six months before obtaining a Chinese visa.”. Guess who doesn’t have a valid passport? Uh-huh, Mister. Guess who is super angry about that fact right now? Uh-huh, me.

Stay tuned for Jennie’s feeble attempt to finesse the lovely people at the Chinese Consulate in Houston.

* Actually, just the husband is a good friend. He married wife #2 recently and she seemed fun and enjoyable that one time we met her. It’s very strange that many of our friends have been getting divorced and remarried lately. Is it a mid-life thing or what? So far the subsequent spouses have been pretty decent, though.

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10 thoughts on “Ni hao!

  1. now that would make me mad!! good luck…i am sure you can sweet talk anyone. sounds like a fun trip. i would invite myself too!

  2. That’s weird, Ryan and I went to Hong Kong and China in August and we both had to renew our passports but had no trouble getting a visa. Is it a new policy? I hope you guys get to go, we had a blast!
    If you can’t get the visa you could always just go to Hong Kong, that was my favorite part of the trip anyway.

  3. “So far” they’ve been “pretty decent”? I can see where you ran into trouble on Facebook.
    Hope your charm works on the Chinese consulate. I guess this is where blue eyes would come in handy? Maybe take along a baked confection…

  4. Oh, that does sound fun—I wish you luck with the wooing at the consulate.

    You are coming up in the ranks of my loser club—you go, girl…

  5. I hope you get to go! Should be an interesting exercise in Asian diplomacy as you plead your case!

    Best of luck!

  6. Darn! That is two no four of us who missed out royally. Mr. B or the ole Bishop, is still disappointed we couldn’t take the Hong Kong assignment for three years or we would still be there. You would have been so welcome anytime.
    We had gone through all the security classes for ex~patriots, downloaded so many pictures and were so excited. Silly back of mine prevented us from doing it.
    I hope it works out, you can still go. I know a stow away who would jump in bag and go with you.. He seriously would:)

  7. Golly, Jennie! I just read that Murphy article at the EPICENTER (3 articles ago), and it scared me spitless! I think I’ll come down and live with you, and simply die of heat stroke in the summer, instead of freezing to death in the winter.

  8. Oh that does sound like it would be a good time. Maybe if you can’t win over your new friends in Houston I know some people that would totally help relieve you of your excess frequent flier miles. Just let me know.

    As for the second spouses I hope that is the case I have a brother who is in need of a really great girl. Wife #1 nothing but trouble.

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