Little reminder

I’ll be posting all the successful 72-hour kit participants on Monday, so try to wrap it up and let me know by then.  Post your report here.

Also I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last night and it was goooood.  Very highly recommended.  Mister loved it too.  He was totally wiping his eyes at the end.  And since it’s three hours long you totally get your money’s worth!


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3 thoughts on “Little reminder

  1. I saw it last week and was deeply touched by it. My friend could only see the flagrant lack of chastity throughout. Well, yes, on thinking back, nobody was married in a movie all about love and loving. But neither sex, unclothed bodies, nor explicit acts were shown for a single frame. Just hugs and kisses. It was a highly unique movie with a totally unexpected plot. The special effects were subtle enough to go unnoticed, but amazingly excellent, and the makeup deserves an academy award.

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