This week’s food storage item

Well, the gold stars are getting fewer and further between.  But that just makes me appreciate you fine women that much more:


This week’s item is essential.  Even if you drop this whole food storage thing because nothing bad will ever happen, please, please, please do this week’s item first.  Because it is agua (A.K.A. l’eau, A.K.A. wasser). ——–>>>>> (I moved it down a few spaces)

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7 thoughts on “This week’s food storage item

  1. Ditto texas dimons. I have some of my medicine, including a year supply of vitamins. But not all.

    I do have my water, though!!! Count in me for this week.


    Mine is already done! We have 3 HUGE barrels in the basement filled with water – plus a 75 gallon water heater. We are good to go!

  3. So I am really behind on commenting, but I did get my medicine, and canned meat, some fruit stuff in cans, and I do have my water. Sigh.

    I really started stocking up on water when I was anticipating hurricane Ike, and then, nada. So thanks to the tropical storms I was on top of that one.

  4. GOT THIS ONE. i also thought of you today as i dropped a cool hundred on 11 twenty-five pound bags of sugar.

    not sure what i’m gonna do with 11 twenty-five pound bags of sugar. but i got ’em

  5. I’m not being secretive–I’m ashamed to say my big blue water barrel is empty in my garage. I hope that making this comment will make me stretch the hose into the garage and fill it up. I really hope I do that. Should I put some bleach in there too?

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