It’s the day before Friday.

Hey all you “day-in-the-lifers”, make sure to finish up your picture-taking today, so you’ll be ready to post it all tomorrow.  

We want good stuff too.  Not you perfectly-coiffed wearing high heels while you vacuum.  Let’s see some nitty gritty!
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5 thoughts on “It’s the day before Friday.

  1. ok. so now you know I lurk on your blog. it’s time for me to come out of the blog closet. I’m taking my pictures since I think this would be a fun task. And don’t worry. Nothing glamorous about my days! I’m lucky if I get to vacuum let alone look good while I’m doing it!

  2. Ok, so I wrote something on your original “Friday” blog entry—but it was from my theatre blog—so
    here’s the right one!

  3. I’m lame at following directions. I thought we were supposed to take pictures tomorrow and post at the end of the day… so I’m basically saying I’ll be late!

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