We’re out of Halloween candy (finally) which means that I have no idea what to eat for breakfast now.  Jasper was completely inspired this morning because he suggested “sowsa”.  Meaning chips and salsa.  What a brilliant idea, my tiny friend!  That boy loves chips y salsa almost as much as I do.

I’ve turned over a new leaf and have forced myself to drink diet Mt. Dew (full-sugar Mt. Dew being the nectar of the gods). I’m a big diet pop hater, so this has been a big deal. I’ve been needing the caffeination a lot lately, but not all the extra calories. After the first few awful days of going diet, I’ve gotten used to that nasty aftertaste. Let me tell you, I feel so much healthier not drinking all that sugar. It’s like I’m suddenly a health-food junkie!! I’m a pretty great model for a whole-foods kind of lifestyle, wouldn’t you say?

So after my fun petit déjeuner with Jasper I was reminded of the reason I don’t give him chips and salsa very often:

Of course chips are the one food that my dog doesn’t like.  So I had to manually sweep up the crumbs myself.

Grout makes me want to blow my brains out.  
In case you were wondering.
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7 thoughts on “Breakfast

  1. I’m with Jasper–chips and salsa are the best! As far as the conversion to diet sodas, I can completely relate. I had a similar passion (still do) for Dr. Pepper and four years ago, I switched to Diet Coke. I could not go to Diet DP because I just felt it was messing with my sweet concoction and I didn’t want to go there. So now when I have a Diet Coke. I usually just add a little splash of Dr. Pepper to make it taste a little better. I don’t care for Mt. Dew. At all. Sorry your candy stash was depleted, but I’m glad you’re feeling so much better sans sugar!

  2. When will they ever start selling diet code red or baja blast?

    Caution: When I switched to diet I gained 15 lbs.!

  3. Grout is evil. I’m pretty sure.

    Okay, how did all the Halloween candy in your house already disappear? I mean, I have been doing my part, snarfing down enough candy to keep Hershey’s in business for many, many more years…and yet the candy mountain remains. Perhaps you’re more focused than I am….


  4. The thing I love about you is that I know you aren’t even kidding one little bit about eating candy for breakfast every day since Halloween. I could never do it. But I love that you can . Or chips and salsa. I’m such a stickler for tradition that way. p.s. I’m more worried about getting cancer from artificial sweetners. so I feel super UNhealthy when I drink diet.

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