So stop charging me a ton of money for shipping!

I went to the gas station today and regular was at 


What?  When did this happen?  I don’t really go anywhere and I haven’t filled up my tank for over two weeks.  
What a lovely surprise.  I’m going to drive someplace far away to celebrate!

UPDATE: Drove my kids to school today (Tuesday)–it was 46º!  Way too cold to make them ride their bikes. Actually, I told them I’d drive them to school if we could stop at the store on the way and they’d run in and get me a Mt. Dew.  Like I said, way too cold for me to get out of my car.  Anyway, at the store gas had already gone down to 


At this rate it should be down to a dollar a gallon in no time!
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7 thoughts on “So stop charging me a ton of money for shipping!

  1. Yes, but what I have found is that what they advertise on the outside of the gas station is for when you use cash—then you get in there—pump the gas and they charge you 20 cents more per gallon for charging it!! AAARRRRGGGHHH!

  2. We’re hoping for a high of 46 today. Really, beautiful fall weather.
    Maybe with all that cheap gas we’ll drive to Texas to warm up when it starts getting cold.

  3. I know!
    (It’s amazing the things that will cheer me up these days).
    My husband’s been talking about learning to fly so we can fly to Utah and California and places. I SO do NOT want to do this (you know, because of the whole Nie thing, plus I hate flying), so I’m extra happy when gas goes down. Less ammo for my husband.

  4. I am almost tempted to fill up only a 1/4 of a tank at a time to always be taking advantage of the cheapest price.

    verification: trounce. ha.

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