More procrastination

The girls’ room is a mess.  Do you think I cleaned it up today? If you do, you must have never read my blog before.

Of course I didn’t clean it up! I installed my new bathroom light fixture instead ($27.67 on ebay, thank you very much). Remember the old one from last week? 

Here it is BEFORE (heinous):

DURING (somewhat scary looking):


Lest you think I’m completely incompetent, here’s a picture of the actual light turned on:

Don’t you like the way it echoes the form of the new faucet? And don’t you especially like the price I paid?  This is what happens when you have both electrical AND shopping skills.

(Thanks to my brother Ben for teaching me how to change a light fixture!)
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8 thoughts on “More procrastination

  1. That’s awesome, Jennie! Your handyman skills never cease to amaze me. I like the new Chinese light fixture. And I did notice the matchiness. Lovely!

  2. Inspiring…I was just about to start cleaning my kids rooms when I thought to check out your blog.

    Thank you.

    (I’m totally impressed with your mad skills)

  3. I’m so proud that my student is becoming a master. I’m so impressed. It seems like just yesterday that you were awe-struck at the ability to flip a light switch upside down. Before you know it you won’t need me anymore!

  4. Aww, Ben, you’re so sweet. Just show me how to install wood floors and you’ll have taught me everything I need to know. Then I’ll leave you alone.

    Until I have some Photoshop questions.

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