Because I’m a loser

I am the block captain for my neighborhood. Technically I’m the “street captain” since we live in suburbia and there aren’t really blocks, just meandering roads.

Since I know how sucky it is to be brand new, I love welcoming new families to the neighborhood, and generally having leave to be as friendly as I like. I did my duty of introducing myself to everyone on the street about six months ago. I got everyone’s info (fortunately the neighbors are all extremely nice and gave me their home phone, cell and email.)

I have completely dropped the ball recently, though. Tomorrow is the official neighborhood block party day. And guess who hasn’t planned their block party?

It’s on a Tuesday! How boring! Plus I have no commitee! And no budget! And no money to pay for it myself!

So I just pretended that it wasn’t happening (that strategy has served me poorly in the past, so why not continue?) My assistant captain hasn’t said anything so I thought I was home free. But I got an email from a resident asking if there was anything planned. I don’t know what to do. Just ignore her and hope she doesn’t remember who I am? Be honest? Move away?

I feel like such an idiot.
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8 thoughts on “Because I’m a loser

  1. I think you may have to “fess” up to this one!

    They do know where you live.

    Just blame it on a sick aunt or something—that always works.

    Or maybe they would consider a pot luck event? 🙂

  2. email her (and anyone else that you have an email address for) and let them know that do to some scheduling issues it has been postponed to next weekend.

    And it is a potluck.

    You can be in charge of gathering tables and doing simple decorations for the tables, everyone is to bring a dish to share, their own plates and utensils and their own chairs (we do this every year)

    Have it out in the street, put some cones on each end to slow traffic down or get baracades if you are allowed.

    And you are done!!

    And you only have to organize tables and hand out a flyer to remind people.

  3. So, you didn’t feel like you were busy enough with 6 kids? You are an amazing woman! I feel so overwhelmed at times with just my 2 kids. As far as I’m concerned, I completely understand “forgetting” the block party. My hat’s off to you for all that you are doing!

  4. You crack me up! I can never commit to anything that involves that much effort, unless it comes with a calling. 🙂 I say potluck all the way too. We do it here a lot, it’s easy and usually pretty good. Most times I’m really not that jazzed to attend, but I always walk away having had a great time.

    On another note, I’ve been wanting to turn off my cable for years, and read your post about it ages ago…I finally got the chance today. My husband miraculously agreed to it. It only took about 10 yrs. Patience pays off I guess!

    I hope India’s foot isn’t too painful, I hear that hurts a lot.

  5. Can’t you be honest with your assistant and just say you have no idea how to plan it with no budget and no money and no committee? See if she has any ideas and just say you’ll do it next week instead. Avoiding it is just going to cause you more stress, and you know it.

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