Sometimes it’s the little things

Some days I just seem to get nothing accomplished, no matter how busy I seem. On days like that I have to celebrate the little tasks. Otherwise, it’s just too sad. Yesterday’s big accomplishment was the removal of a Nerf dart from a really high up ledge in my house. It’s been there since Finn’s birthday (March!), when he got the Nerf gun.

Like most houses built in the last twenty years I have a two-story entry hall. Boy, do I hate these! Yes they look nice and spacious, but they are a pain to keep clean (how am I supposed to dust those knick-knacks that are 14 feet from the floor?) I am just dreading having to change the lights in the chandelier. I don’t have a ladder that tall. What am I supposed to do? Anyway–notice, if you will, the pointless little ledge toward the top of the picture. Do you see a small black thing sitting on it? That would be the Nerf dart that has been mocking me for many months.

I have been trying to come up with a plan to get that damn dart, but most involve jumping for it, followed by a hard tile-floor landing.  Not worth it.

I finally thought of a solution. I got a really long extending paintbrush pole and screwed the Webster onto it. (The Webster is the cobweb removal device that I have to use on a regular basis lest Mister find out that there are actually spiders living in our house. Don’t laugh, he has major spider issues. OK, you can laugh. Especially if you see him find a spider. He completely flips out. I don’t want to say it’s hilarious, but . . . it is.)

I got the Nerf dart (as well as five pounds of dust). 

Victory is mine!!!

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10 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s the little things

  1. This is so funny (I love that your husband hates spiders…such an undercutting of the stereotypes). I don’t have nearly as gorgeous of an entryway, but I do have a similarly-impractical ledge above our stairs. I’m always trying to retrieve various projectiles off the ledge. My husband has been known to set the kids up there just to freak me out.

  2. YAY for the victory!!! I’d love to see more pictures of your house, since I’m not coming to visit anytime soon. Maybe it’ll spur me into some decorating action, since mine is sooo boring.

  3. congrats on your victory. i usually don’t take on a project like that unless we are moving. i agree you should give us a photo tour of your house. i’ve only seen pics of someone elses’s stuff in it. it also gives you added motivation to hang those curtains. sorry no caps. i’m holding susie in my other arm.

  4. Sweet victory! I have a similar ledge and have successfully removed a tootsie roll from it last winter. How a tootsie roll got up there beats me.

  5. congrats–today my little victory i am celebrating is rolling out of bed and actually putting make up on and doing my hair. it’s one of THOSE days and i think i should be in bed watching telenovellas and eating taco time food.

    but i’m stalking you instead 🙂

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! That is a huge accomplishment! If you feel like celebrating by making a cake or something – feel free to bring a piece over. I’ll rejoice with you! 🙂

  7. That kind of thing–a nerf dart on a ledge–is exactly the kind of thing I hate most about being a mother. the fact that I will see it for months and that it will bother me an I will want to get it down, but that it will take, literally, MONTHS for me to find the time to get it down. How can it be so hard to do those little things? I don’t know, but it is. I’ve been meaning to get that binky out from under my bedroom radiator since February. I see it whenever I come around the corner of my bed, but I’m always busy on another errand. So there it sits.

  8. Yay! you have made me happy of my small entryway, with no vaulted ceilings. 🙂 I do believe one child or another would try to figure out a way to put stuff up there. Maybe Miss Sunny-Hug, as she was always our climber. 🙂

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