How could I have forgotten?

It’s Saturday and I haven’t nagged you about your food storage item of the week.  You’ve got a few more hours to run yourselves to the store and stock up on oil and shortening.

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6 thoughts on “How could I have forgotten?

  1. love your blog…i am thinking of joining in…THINKING!! i will let you know when i get caught up! where are people storing all of this…i have noooo room. i guess i am going to have to build more shelves in the closet! thanks for the motivation.

  2. Got some fat, Got some chili. Jared was with me, so I’ll have to sneak some more later. He is under the impression all of the wheat in the basement is sufficient. So, like a woman, I just silently do what I know he’ll be grateful for later on the side…

  3. I got mine! YEAY! Tiffster- that’s hilarious- I’m in the same boat, hee, hee! Looking forward to adding to the stash this week! Thanks again! 🙂

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