My sister-in-law dragged me to a fancy cheese shop a few days ago. I’m not a huge fan of cheese (although we did have a lovely Stilton with bits of fruit in it) but cheese shops usually have chocolate too. I found a chocolate bar that I simply could not resist; it combines chocolate with my other favorite food: bacon. There are actual little pieces of chewy bacon, plus a bit of salt. It’s supposed to be the perfect mixture of salty and sweet, which is my absolute favorite. And despite it being $7.50 I had to try it.

Verdict: it was very, very good! It’s definitely not an everyday candy bar. More of a special occasion thing. If you are a fan of salty/sweet I would highly recommend it if you come across one. Although my SIL, who will eat any sort of hideous-smelling cheese, thought this chocolate bar was “too weird”.

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8 thoughts on “Sweet+salty

  1. I usually enjoy strange combinations of foods, but this doesn’t strike me as sounding very tempting. But maybe it’s good. I’d have to try it. I love cheeses, Stilton is awesome.

  2. I love bacon. I love chocolate. I love exotic foods. But I’m pretty sure that sounds disgusting. Are you SURE it was good?

  3. That is really funny, you know I have actually seen this candy bar before. I must say that I thought it was an odd pairing, but I am glad to hear that you were more open to it than I was and tried it.

    Maybe the next time I come across something that I think sounds a little odd I won’t be so inclined to look the other way. I am glad that it was good.

  4. That does not appeal to me, even in my pregnant (ate a half of bacon yesterday) state. Glad you tried it.

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