It’s Saturday

You know what that means?  It’s the last day for your Peanut Butter shopping spree. So far we have a couple of newbies joining us:

Suzanne (who is already on the ball and has gotten her oats and PB)
Heather (the only one who can complain about not having enough space for food storage since she lives in Manhattan.)
Stephanie (my BFF in Oregon.  Has oats.  We’ll make sure you followed through with the PB.)
The other on the ball people:


Not sure about:

Chanfandamily (do you want me to call you that?)

Also, I’m posting over at Segullah today. It could be a little infuriating.  If you know anything about me, you know that I’m opinionated.
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10 thoughts on “It’s Saturday

  1. Jennie, you rock! Your article on segullah is spot on.

    Have my oats, getting my peanut butter today!

  2. I got my PB! Hooray! Thanks for the kick in the bee-hind on food storage- you are awesome!
    I LOVED your post on Segullah- very enlightening. We’re thinking of getting the kids into year-round swimming- to keep them active during the school year- but it would be every day after school. Not so sure it’s worth it. . . Thanks for the thoughts!

  3. Hmmmm…I didn’t see my name anywhere on your list. Just as well. I didnt’ get my PB. I actually didn’t go to the store ONCE this whole week. I actually consider that a miracle. So I’ll have to double up next week and do PB then too.

  4. i love being on the good girls list–it happens so not very often.

    don’t throw me a curve ball though, and put out something horrible like large quantities of pinto beans. or cracked wheat.

    that i have to hand grind

  5. Great post. Perfectly timed. I have my PB. BTW, the road that makes my commute to the charter school only 6 minutes is closed for construction through NOVEMBER. (Translation: SPRING) It will now be a 20 minute commute. SHOOT ME.

  6. Got my PB and you can call me Devon or Chanfandamly, whichever makes you happy! Ready for the next thing!

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