Antique Mania

Last week amid the birthdays and lice and Easter preparations, Mister and I escaped to the Round Top Antiques Fair. I always write about this because it’s so completely great; when are you guys going to believe me and go yourselves? Who cares that it’s the middle of nowhere in… Read More

Corkboard Jewelry Holder Tutorial

It’s How-To Tuesday! Today I’ll be showing you how to make a fantastic cork board jewelry display. Like most girls I love jewelry. But there were lots of pieces that I rarely wore because they were in a giant jumble in my jewellery box.  I tried to find some way… Read More

Sew Your Own Fabric Birds

Today we have a guest post by my favorite reader: my sister, Arianne, from Little Pink Houses. She and I (and my brother, too) were ingrained from the time we were born with the notion of “I can do it myself and probably cheaper”. Arianne saw a cute vignette of… Read More

Shrinky Dinky Love

Hello my darlings, sorry to be so utterly neglectful but it’s been vacation time lately. I spent a few fun-filled days in Utah visiting my sister and her not-so-new baby. So ashamed that she was born in May and I’m just barely meeting her for the first time. That’s what… Read More

The good, the bad and the sew-y

Bad: My laptop decided to not acknowledge the existence of the internet this week. I could check my email through my iphone, but that’s about it unless I deigned to use the children’s computer. Good: I finally spent some time redecorating the room that Adelaide and Arabella share. I’ve been… Read More

Mudroom reveal

So I’ve got six kids. That means six backpacks, ten or twelve jackets, a jillion pairs of shoes, and all sorts of miscellaneous junk that accompanies them. In my house all of this kid gear gets hung on a little coat rack or stuck in some cheap plastic cubbies. The… Read More

I’m alive!

I haven’t posted on my blog in two weeks. That’s my record. It was due to a couple of things: I was in Utah/Colorado/New Mexico/Texas for over a week; most of the time driving or having fun. Then I came home and realized the my poor laptop is just about… Read More

Done aaaaaand Done!

R.I.P ugly cheap faucet. This statuesque beauty has taken your place: Climbing around under the sink is hard on your back.  Not to mention a little oogie and claustrophobic.  But it’s ever so worth it.  Especially since the plumber who came to fix our water heater told me he charges… Read More

The old new dresser

Remember this heinous old thing? I bought it at Wimberley Market Days which is a really cute flea market held once a month in the darling town of Wimberly, Texas.  I went with Lorie from Be Different, Act Normal.  It’s not the kind of flea market that sells Sham-Wows and… Read More